Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Days before the Quake (video from Haiti)

Thanks to Chuck Davis for sending me this link and to Romans5588 on Youtube for posting the video below (to obtain link and visit channel click here).  We recently sent over $14,000 from our church to help Caribbean Vision Ministries.  Wooster Grace is partnering with Caribbean Vision Ministries to help Haitian churches reach out with God's love to people who need help through local church pastors and their congregations. We are helping people like those in the video below. 

Crossroads Community Church took a Haiti trip in 2010.  Their team left two days before the quake.  As the Youtube descriptor states,
"Crossroads Community Church's 2010 Haiti trip. An "orphange" made of warped scrap wood with a tin sheet for a roof. Dirt floor as their beds. At most, one meal a day. And we brought them balloons. $150 a month feeds 45 kids for a month. We came back 2 days before the quake. If you're interested in helping the people of Haiti, visit the Caribbean Vision Ministries website."

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