Thursday, October 26, 2017

What Pastor Daron gets to do in Cambodia

Here is my tentative itinerary:
  • Wed Oct 25 travel to Cambodia
  • Fri Oct 27 arrive in Cambodia
    • Get picked up by Grace Place house directors
    • Travel from Siem Reap to Battambang
    • Greet the children at our orphan care homes 
    • Share a meal with Grace Place 1
    • Check-in at hotel and rest 
  • Sat Oct 28 
    • Sleep in at hotel 
    • Spend the day with Grace Place 1 and Grace Place 2 
    • Share lunch with Grace Place 2
    • Take homes to Battambang Barbeque 
    • Return to hotel for rest 
  • Sun Oct 29 
    • Conduct Facebook LIVE from Asia's Hope campus 
    • Preach at Asia's Hope church service 
    • Say farewell
    • Attend Grace Center church service and Communion 
    • Meet up with NGO to ask questions 
    • Return to hotel for rest 
  • Mon Oct 30 
    • Early meeting with Ohn, Grace, and Jill 
    • Meet up with CMP Retreat team 
    • Prepare for CMP Retreat--script & PPT slides 
    • Catch up with emails and Skype family 
    • Return to hotel for rest 
  • Tue Oct 31
    • Travel day to Retreat location, Kom Pong Som
    • Check-in at hotel and rest 
  • Wed Nov 1
    • Share at CMP retreat 
    • Build relationships with CMP families 
    • Continue relationships with CMP team 
  • Thu Nov 2 
    • Share at CMP retreat 
    • Build relationships with CMP families 
    • Continue relationships with CMP team
  • Fri Nov 3 
    • Share at CMP retreat 
    • Build relationships with CMP families 
    • Continue relationships with CMP team 
  • Sat Nov 4
    • Check out of hotel 
    • Travel to airport for return to US
    • Board flight at midnight at Phnom Penh 
  • Sun Nov 5
    • Travel day to Cleveland, Ohio 
    • Return home to rest :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Developing fully-devoted followers of Christ in Cambodia

Today, Wed Oct 25, I depart for Cambodia to share with our Cambodian Ministry Partners in Battambang who serve with CASA in partnership with Encompass World Partners. I will serve with Kent Good, Becky Sheffer Good, and Jill Kane. Below is a photo of the CMP (Cambodian Ministry Partners) of CASA.

I will serve with Kent & Becky Good, Faline Jones, and Jill Kane (Grace too).  

On this short trip, I will also get to visit our Orphan Homes in Battambang as well. On a later trip, I will visit our Orphan Homes in Thailand too. 

Please pray for me as I go to develop fully devoted followers for Christ in Cambodia. I praise God that Grace Church sends me to develop leaders for Christ. #savedpeopleservepeople

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This #Giving Tuesday, help the world

#GivingTuesday is a social movement that helps people give back by donating time, money, or influence to a cause that they feel passionate about. Giving Tuesday is celebrated the Tuesday after Cyber Monday as a day to encourage kindness and generosity. 

Grace Church is all about giving to help others. At Grace Church, we believe that it all belongs to God.  We inspire each other to give everything we have to God in worship understanding that all we have and all we are belong to God.  We’d encourage you to take the next step in your journey: Help other people share in that same experience by giving to the Greatest Gift Christmas Offering.  (Under the fund, select the drop-down menu option, Greatest Gift)

You can watch what your gift will do to help in the Greatest Gift Christmas Offering this year! 

2016 Greatest Gift Christmas Offering from Grace Church on Vimeo.

Help others in our community.

Volunteering is another way that you can participate in Grace Church's mission. All around Wayne County (Ohio), you can help people from all walks of life to become a more fully devoted follower of Christ. All you need is your hands & feet, a little time, and a passion for using your gifts to serve others. Join the Movement of #ForWayneCounty!

Help us spread the word.

Share that you gave, and encourage your family and friends to join you in giving back on #GivingTuesday. Tell them why you support Grace Church, and remember to include the hashtag #MyGivingStory, so other people will be able to see your story. Use the ShareThis sidebar to share your story.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Update on our missionary partners in Haiti living through devastating Hurricane Matthew

Grace Church has global staff in Haiti. They are directly affected by Hurricane Matthew. They will notify us as soon as possible their status and needs.  Those directly affected include, Olivia Bernadine with Breathe Partners in Bercy, Haiti and Galen & Cassandra Sadler and family with Kings Cross in Caberet, Haiti.  They are on the ground, hunkered down, and awaiting Hurricane Matthew to pass.   

Please pray for their faith to remain strong and for God to protect them.  Ask God to give them wisdom as they seek to provide emergency relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. You can give to support their relief efforts on their mission organization websites.  When disaster strikes, caring for our missionary partners is a top priority.  Please join us in prayer for them, and consider a gift to help with emergency relief to those in the immediate vicinity of their home and ministry. 

Olivia Bernadine serves with Breathe Partners.  Here is where to give online. Thank you for your donation. What you give today will make a difference tomorrow. Give now. Please add in the memo: Hurricane relief

Breathe Partners will cooperate with Samaritan’s Purse to organize relief efforts right after the storm.

Galen and Cassandra Sadler serve with Kings Cross.  I am awaiting directions on where to give so that we can help provide life-saving relief to those in Cabaret and Galgal, Haiti. 

Steve Sager who oversees the ministries of Kings Cross wrote this update: “We have set up a relief fund at

At this time, the storm is bearing down in our area.  Many live in mud & stick homes and have issues during a regular storm.  We have opened our school buildings as a safe place for anyone needing shelter.  We also have food available for those in need.  Most people cook in outside kitchens & the storm would prohibit them from any cooking.  Fortunately last year, we build a block building for cooking.   

At this point, we do not know what damage has occurred in outlying areas.  We are monitoring this & will keep our school open and people fed.  At the present time, we have no damage to our property other than a solar panel that broke.   Saddler family is safe. 

I will keep you up to date on any changes.   Thank you once again for your support & prayers.

Steve Sager

Newslinks from Twitter about Hurricane Matthew & Haiti:

·         From NPR 

·         From USA Today 

·         From WorldVision 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Getting ready to impact Cambodia for Chirst

Pray for Kevin and Jill Kane

Kevin Kane reports from Battambang, Cambodia

"It took about 10 workers six days to prepare for the pouring of the cement for the 2nd floor.  It took about 1 hour for them to complete the pour!" Grace Church is excited for what God is doing to prepare the Battambang Ministry Training Center for the future. 

To equip godly Christian leaders is daunting. But God has empowered Kevin and Jill Kane to facilitate the next phase of ministry in Cambodia. 

As Kevin and Jill Kane share, "Thanks again for your support and prayers!" You can scroll down to view the pictures of the work to date. 

Finishing the rebar for the 2nd floor
Pouring the cement
Pouring more cement
Cement pouring finished and drying

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Progress on creating more space to develop fully devoted followers of Christ in Cambodia

Grace Church praises God for the ministry of Kevin and Jill Kane!

Kevin shares how progress is moving forward on the new addition for dorm rooms at the Battambang Ministry Training Center (BMTC).  Pray that workers stay safe, construction is successful, and opportunities to minister to the work crew opens doors for people to come to Christ. 

Following each picture, Kevin provides an explanation of what is going on.  
Note that after the floor was cemented, the ground floor walls were started.  Only part of area will be walled in completely, and the rest will be enclosed with the metal that is opened air.  The ground floor will still be used for parking.

The picture above shows the start of framing in the beams for the ceiling of the ground floor/the floor for the first floor.

The last picture reveals the bracing being installed to support the pouring of the cement floor/ceiling.  There will be a few hundred of these wood supports holding up the pour while it drys.

Hope you enjoy seeing the progress!

Thanks for your support and prayers,
Kevin and Jill