Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Getting ready to impact Cambodia for Chirst

Pray for Kevin and Jill Kane

Kevin Kane reports from Battambang, Cambodia

"It took about 10 workers six days to prepare for the pouring of the cement for the 2nd floor.  It took about 1 hour for them to complete the pour!" Grace Church is excited for what God is doing to prepare the Battambang Ministry Training Center for the future. 

To equip godly Christian leaders is daunting. But God has empowered Kevin and Jill Kane to facilitate the next phase of ministry in Cambodia. 

As Kevin and Jill Kane share, "Thanks again for your support and prayers!" You can scroll down to view the pictures of the work to date. 

Finishing the rebar for the 2nd floor
Pouring the cement
Pouring more cement
Cement pouring finished and drying