Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Progress on creating more space to develop fully devoted followers of Christ in Cambodia

Grace Church praises God for the ministry of Kevin and Jill Kane!

Kevin shares how progress is moving forward on the new addition for dorm rooms at the Battambang Ministry Training Center (BMTC).  Pray that workers stay safe, construction is successful, and opportunities to minister to the work crew opens doors for people to come to Christ. 

Following each picture, Kevin provides an explanation of what is going on.  
Note that after the floor was cemented, the ground floor walls were started.  Only part of area will be walled in completely, and the rest will be enclosed with the metal that is opened air.  The ground floor will still be used for parking.

The picture above shows the start of framing in the beams for the ceiling of the ground floor/the floor for the first floor.

The last picture reveals the bracing being installed to support the pouring of the cement floor/ceiling.  There will be a few hundred of these wood supports holding up the pour while it drys.

Hope you enjoy seeing the progress!

Thanks for your support and prayers,
Kevin and Jill

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