Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Update on our missionary partners in Haiti living through devastating Hurricane Matthew

Grace Church has global staff in Haiti. They are directly affected by Hurricane Matthew. They will notify us as soon as possible their status and needs.  Those directly affected include, Olivia Bernadine with Breathe Partners in Bercy, Haiti and Galen & Cassandra Sadler and family with Kings Cross in Caberet, Haiti.  They are on the ground, hunkered down, and awaiting Hurricane Matthew to pass.   

Please pray for their faith to remain strong and for God to protect them.  Ask God to give them wisdom as they seek to provide emergency relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. You can give to support their relief efforts on their mission organization websites.  When disaster strikes, caring for our missionary partners is a top priority.  Please join us in prayer for them, and consider a gift to help with emergency relief to those in the immediate vicinity of their home and ministry. 

Olivia Bernadine serves with Breathe Partners.  Here is where to give online. Thank you for your donation. What you give today will make a difference tomorrow. Give now. https://breathepartners.com/give/ Please add in the memo: Hurricane relief

Breathe Partners will cooperate with Samaritan’s Purse to organize relief efforts right after the storm.

Galen and Cassandra Sadler serve with Kings Cross.  I am awaiting directions on where to give so that we can help provide life-saving relief to those in Cabaret and Galgal, Haiti. 

Steve Sager who oversees the ministries of Kings Cross wrote this update: “We have set up a relief fund at     https://kingscross.webconnex.com/Relief

At this time, the storm is bearing down in our area.  Many live in mud & stick homes and have issues during a regular storm.  We have opened our school buildings as a safe place for anyone needing shelter.  We also have food available for those in need.  Most people cook in outside kitchens & the storm would prohibit them from any cooking.  Fortunately last year, we build a block building for cooking.   

At this point, we do not know what damage has occurred in outlying areas.  We are monitoring this & will keep our school open and people fed.  At the present time, we have no damage to our property other than a solar panel that broke.   Saddler family is safe. 

I will keep you up to date on any changes.   Thank you once again for your support & prayers.

Steve Sager

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