Thursday, February 11, 2010

Take a Global Prayer Walk?

Over the past two years I have worked hard on learning how to improve my prayer life. When I accepted the challenge to lead our church in the Global Prayer Walk. I envisioned everyone praying for God to change the world. I was stoked. I am excited!

The daunting task is to get all those who join the challenge to pray everyday. So I need to mobilize every person—every man, woman, boy, and girl to pray daily. I cannot make anyone pray. So, my goal is to offer every person access to the tools for praying each day. I want to help you pray to God better.

Prayer Guides: Grace Brethren International Missions (GBIM) supplies a printed, daily prayer guide. They will be available at the cross-cultural ministries table at Wooster Grace.
Online Daily Email Guides: GBIM makes email updates available that coincide with the printed guide. You can sign up to receive PrayNow updates or obtain daily Prayer Walk emails. 
GBIM website: GBIM intends to provide direction for this initiative and its website offers ways to discover more things about who we are praying for.
Facebook Event: You can join our cause on Facebook.  Join and invite others! 
My blog: I intend to help you pray better for God’s impact in the world over the next 62 days. My blog will seek to give useful links, tips, “cheats,” and testimonials of those who are on the journey to pray for God to impact the world.
Post your comments: I will allow comments to help all of us learn how to pray for the Lord to impact the world through our concentrated prayers. I need your input to initiate a movement of prayer in our church.
Meet-ups: I will initiate one new opportunity for people to gather in corporate ways to pray for God to impact the world. You will find existing opportunities to gather at Wooster Grace through an ABF, small group, or in a group of your own to incorporate the daily prayer guide. Just let me know what you’re doing and how you are praying.
How you can help: I hope to use various portals for you to post more than comments, pictures, videos, tips, etc. to help everyone learn how to pray to God to change the world. Please pray that every person who joins the challenge will pray everyday according to the Global Prayer Walk.

This is a huge step of faith. But I trust God who is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than anything. He will help you pray everyday. So, why don’t you join us on the Global Prayer Walk?

Thanks to Jim Folsom from GBIM who sent me the logo for its use. You are a big help to me!

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