Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unifying Many Cultures in One Place

Visiting the Global Mall
The Third Annual Ethnic Leaders Consultation gathered in Atlanta, GA this week (March 6-9) to gain perspective on what God is doing among Fellowship of Grace Brethren Ethnic Ministries. Jesus & Rosa Munoz served as host and hostess for our gathering. Several FGBC organizations helped facilitate the event: GBIF, Grace Seminary, & Encompass World Partners.

The Ethnic Leaders Consultation gathers church planters to connect, to draw encouragement, and to refresh one another in the Lord. This gathering will be the first for the wives to attend with their husbands.

Praying for Encompass World Partners new offices
The ethnic groups represented include, American Indians from the Navajo Nation--Arnold & Bessie Betoney and Daron Butler; Haitians--Luc Nonorme, Abel Pierre, & Henock Samuel; African Americans--Steven & Rosie Joyce; Latins--Jesus & Rosa Munoz, Javier & Pilar Forero, Gerardo & Tita Leiton, Jose & Migdalia Marquez, Sameul Diaz, Alfredo & Anna Vega , Martin Guerena, & Phil Guerena; Anglos--Melissa Butler, Brian & Tammy Bauman and Jay & Jan Bell. 

Helping the event with seminars and encouragement were Dave Guiles, Executive Director of Encompass World Partners; Dr. Tom Stalter & Dr. Jeff Gill from Grace Seminary. We were privileged to have Jon Stallsmith from JIQ share too.
Praying for the wives of the pastors
The Ethnic leaders took a tour of a Hindu Temple sharing and praying about the need to reach the nations for Christ. Dr. Stalter guided everyone in intercultural principles regarding worldviews and major religions. Dr. Jeff Gill offered the opportunity for online theological education and inquired about how to make it accessible to ethnic pastors. Dr Dave Guiles challenged the group to lead change by looking to God first, trusting yourself less, and persevering in what God has called you to do. Jon Stallsmith provided insights on how to reach out to Muslims with the love of Christ so that each becomes a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Please pray for the ethnic leaders as they return home with so much information and need to get ready for Sunday. May God the Holy Spirit distill the next action for each one personally to pursue so that God is glorified.

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