Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reach your neighborhood with Easter & The Bible

With Easter on the horizon, I want to offer a few opportunities for you to reach out to your neighborhood and to the nations. This post focuses on the neighborhood.

Please consider inviting your neighborhood to your church this Easter. Christmas and Easter are two of the most popular holidays that people will entertain visiting a church. So please invite a friend.

Another opportunity is to ask people in your neighborhood--even those around you if they have seen the trailer for "The Bible" series on The History Channel on Sunday nights at 8pm Eastern. The first two 2-hour episodes have aired.

Episode 2 overviews the stories of Samson, King Saul, David & Goliath, and Solomon,  Thanks to Christian Post for a nice synopsis.

The Reverend Franklin Graham notes how fitting to show "The Bible" series in the weeks before Easter. "As Easter approaches, it is good to once again turn to the Truth of Scripture to behold what the Savior of the world has done for the sinful human race by the gift of salvation through His grace," Graham shared with ChristianPost.com 

 Use TV series to start a conversation about the Bible. You may be bold and ask people to join you in reading these stories from the Bible. You can launch your own small group study. Outreach.com offers a useful tool for you to use, "The Bible 30-Day Experience." 

So let me know in the comments below who you are going to reach out to in your neighborhood. Give me their first name. I will pray with you and for you asking God to help you reach out to them. 

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