Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First day of work project is halted, but wait God makes a way

Report from Kevin Kane:
Wow, Praising God for a great bunch of men that He sent us!  I knew this would be a fun team to work with and a wonderful team to have laying tile. 

The first day of laying tile on Monday was a day of attack!  The tile store sold me what they said is what the tile layers here use...portand cement that you mix with cement, which is what everyone uses here that I have seen.  It is a terribly difficult product to lay tile with.  I was told no thin set mortar which is what we use in the states.  Well, after a day of trial Rod went with Kakda to the store and they DO have thin set!  So today the men are in a tile laying zone with big smiles as they are working with material they know and are highly productive with.  Praise God.

The team handled the extreme stress well yesterday!  Our church family would have been very pleased with their patience, control and unity!  We here certainly were impressed with their handling of the bad situation.

So today, the picture you are getting is the laying of the first tile.  Tomorrow you will see a whole wall completed.

To pray: 
  • Praise God for the finding of the thin set mortar and that today things are going very well.
  • Praise God for the maturing of the men yesterday during a difficult day.
  • Please pray for the tile laying to continue to go well today.
  • Pray for the unity to continue.
  • Pray for the cross-cultural work experience the team is having as they work with some Cambodians too.
  • Pray for the good health to continue.  There is some jet lag, but all are doing well.
In Christ's love,

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Angel Thompson said...

We have been lifting you all up since Mark Simms took flight.


Angel Thompson for
Christ Church 4Given, Greenwood, SC