Friday, January 31, 2014

Team observes Chinese New Year in Battambang

Kevin Kane shares how the team progresses and what experiences awaits them.

Dear Grace Family,

Praising God for another very good day yesterday!  Everyone is healthy and sleeping better (except me, as I don't sleep well many nights).  

This Thursday morning before we had breakfast we were able to watch a traditional Chinese New Year dragon dance in front of a Chinese temple. Yesterday as we walked to lunch, in front of almost every house and business, people were burning fake money and offering other sacrifices to their gods and ancestors.  A good reminder of where we are and the spiritual battle we are in.  Afterwards Rod led us in devotions and the tiling work started.

Tonight after dinner we will walk around town to observe the festivities that take place on Chinese New Year celebrations.

The crew is working really well together!  We also have Becky's niece and nephew here who started helping in touch up and cleaning, which we appreciate.

Tomorrow after work on Friday night, we will have our first visit to Asia's Hope for a small party with 340 children and staff of Asia's Hope.  We will give an update later on that visit.  

Thank you Wooster Grace for being a praying, sending, and going Christ centered church family!

Kevin and Jill for the team

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Angel Thompson said...

Continuing to lift you all up!
From Christ Church 4Given.

Greetings to Mark Simms from The Thompson's.
We have not stopped praying.