Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kevin & Jill Kane say thanks for sending the team to help encouarage them

Update from Kevin and Jill Kane on the progress of the team,

Dear Grace Church family,

I'm sorry for not sending an update for two days.  I did see some Facebook updates on our team's trip to Asia's Hope Saturday evening....I'm starting to see the look in some of the men's eyes that indicates that a few of them will probably be back here again in Battambang.

Nic Schwartz & Carl Calhoun work feverishly
The men did a great job getting the first floor done in time for worship on Sunday.  Kakda, Charyia and the dorm students did a great job getting the place clean for worship on the ground floor and outside.

Monday they completed one classroom and made really good progress on the largest classroom.  I think they will get the entire second floor done this week before Saturday's dedication.  The second floor has more square yardage and a lot more detail cutting work.  Some of the team started mounting the hardware for curtains and the curtains too.  This is saving some money for us too.  

Charyia & Mark Simms hang the curtains
The team is feeling well (Kevin has a cold...pray no one else gets it) other than some occasional traveler's issues. Nic is ill, so pray for Nic's quick recovery.

Pray for Pastor Bob, Jim, Mike and Glenn as they prepare to travel to Battambang. I (Kevin) will leave for Siem Reap on Wednesday in order to greet them at the airport on Thursday.  

Carl Calhous "steadies" Tom Cavalier
We just keep praising God for the Grace Church and many other churches and individuals who have giving generously to this building project. We praise God for Grace Church sending a great bunch of guys over to help us tile.  They have been a needed encouragement to Jill and I.

In Christ's love,

Kevin and Jill

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