Saturday, August 2, 2014

From Czech Republic to Ohio, Swain's follow where God leads

George and Cindy Swain
George & Cindy Swain
Wooster Grace partners with George & Cindy Swain who served as international staff in the Czech Republic for over 20 years.  George and Cindy are members of the Ashland, Ohio Grace Brethren Church. They have three grown sons: David, Joel, and Daniel.

George was born in Ashland, Ohio, the son of a Christian mother and an unsaved father. He came to Christ at 15 through the witness of a farmer for whom he was working.

Cindy was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and grew up in a strong Christian home. She accepted Christ at the age of eleven during revival services at her church.

George and Cindy were married before George‘s senior year at Grace College. While George studied at Grace Seminary, he earned a  M.Div. in 1988.  They returned to Ashland where George served an internship at Ashland GBC. George also served as an elder at the church and worked for Ashland County children‘s services where God promoted him to the position of assistant director.

George and Cindy were the first career missionaries to come to Eastern Europe with Grace Brethren International Ministries (Encompass World Partners).  They arrived in the Czech Republic in 1993.  The Czech Republic is the second most atheistic country in the world. George & Cindy faithfully ministered for 20 years and now return to the US to equip church planters with SeedNet.  

SeedNet seeks to plant new churches in Northeast Ohio. Life change is happening with each new small group starting up.  One lady will finally enter the church building after "listening" on the steps of the church.  Read blogpost here. The post highlights why we need new churches everywhere.

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray that God will change the atheistic bitterness of many Czech people caused by years of Nazi brutalism and many years of Communistic oppression
  • Pray that George and Cindy make a good transition to life in the USA after so many years in the Czech Republic.
  • Pray that God will keep George and Cindy strong and courageous in as they begin to serve for the glory of God with SeedNet. 

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