Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saved people Serve People--Kevin & Jill Kane

Kevin & Jill Kane

Mission Location: Battambang, Cambodia Sending Agency: Encompass World

Our Missionary Partner: Kevin & Jill embody the Grace church value--saved people serve people.  They have stoked a passion to be involved in God’s work in Cambodia serving the Khmer people. They came to Christ and got baptized in August 1990.  They explored ministry opportunities through short term trips and ministry skills assessment, even taking a special assignment in January 2002.  Then in 2006, God sent Kevin & Jill to develop fully devoted followers of Christ in Cambodia as missionary partners from Grace Church.  

Their Mission: The Kane's live in Northwestern Cambodia in a city known for its rice, Battambang.  The Khmer language is a challenge to learn, but the Kane's have learned the language and use it to develop Khmer leadership.  They worked together with Kent & Becky Good. Kent & Becky returned to the US in Dec 2014.  Now, Kevin & Jill will help with the transition to Khmer leadership. Ever sharing the Gospel and equipping church leadership, Kevin & Jill intend to delegate more ministry responsibilities to the Cambodian Ministry Partners.  The end goal is to raise up indigenous pastors and leaders who will lead their own churches.

How to Be Involved
PRAY: Pray for Kevin & Jill as they settle into their new roles without teammates.  Ask God to give them strength in the Lord to develop fully devoted followers of Christ in Cambodia.  Ask the Lord to raise up great leaders for the Khmer church!

ENCOURAGE: Kevin's birthday is March 8. Jill's birthday is on September 1. Their anniversary is July 9, 1978. 

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Kevin & Jill attending wedding of Khmer couple
Kevin & Jill with Cambodian Ministry Partner

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