Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saved People Serve People--Brazilians can do more than play soccer

"Though I am not a great evangelist, I dedicate a lot of my time to leadership development," says Edson Silva. Edson Silva and his wife, Ivanise took their children from their home to go to another country.  

Ivanise and Edson
Just like Abraham, God called them to leave their homeland and venture to another place to share God's love with other people. God called Edson from Brazil to Chile.  Edson describes his ministry in the Encompass video (the video was used to get donations for the Encompass' Day of Generosity this past November).  

Edson equips Chilean nationals to reach their people so that the Chilean churches will one day also ask their people to leave their homeland to venture far to share God's love with other people. Brazilians can do more than play soccer. They can follow God's call and do great things for His glory!

Grace Church envisions Chilean families taking their next step of faith towards developing into fully devoted followers of Christ. We pray for ways for everyone to reach the world for Christ because "Saved People Serve People." 

Celebrating 24th Anniversary this month
Edson has a dream to help in other places of the world. His dear friend, Bruce Triplehorn is developing leaders in the Chad in Africa.  Edson hopes to go to help support believers to grow in Christ even in Africa.  Edson is like a modern day Barnabas. He is an encourager.

Grace Church is honored to partner with Edson and Ivanise to develop fully devoted followers of Christ in Chile with Encompass World Partners.

How to support the Silva's:
  • Pray.  Please pray for the family as they live in Chile, equip the saints to do the work of service, establish faithful church leaders, and do consistent outreach. Send a note of encouragement to them by contacting them via email that you prayed for them. 
  • Give.  Grace Church has an ABF that partners with the Silvas. So, give to Encompass World Partners to help support Edson and Ivanise. Follow the link. Select Edson & Ivanise Silva on drop-down menu.  Give. 
  • Connect.  Please follow what God is doing by liking Edson's facebook page. He writes in Portuguese or in Spanish. But you can get the gist of his posts and pray for God's work to grow. You can see how they are developing everyone into fully devoted followers of Christ. 
  • Share.  When you read Edson's posts, please "like" and comment and share their posts, prayer requests, and pictures to testify what amazing things God is doing through their ministry.
Video: You can watch his testimony on this link from the Encompass Vimeo Channel. Encompass translated his words from Portuguese into English. 
A night market in Curico

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