Friday, June 19, 2015

On Mission: Team to Prague arrives safely

The team reports that after a cancelled flight delayed deaprture. Everyone was able to make it to Prague.  

Cindy and George wrote on Facebook on Friday, June 19, "Hi everyone. We are in Prague. Russ Yoder got here on time this morning. Our phones are not working internationally so we are just leaving this message (on Facebook) to let everyone know that everything is going as scheduled." 

Reunions are glorious.  George and Cindy got reacquainted with Marek, one of Cindy's former English students. 
George, Cindy, Marek

Dasa was a former student of Cindy's who is a waitress at the Academic Klub at the University.   
Dasa and Cindy

Please pray for the team as they travel and meet people. Russ Yoder speaks German and intends to make conversation on their excursions and contacting of people in Prague. He knows that he can be a servant helper. 

As the team posts pictures and comments on Facebook or sends them to me via email, I will share what God is doing in the Czech Republic. 

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