Friday, January 15, 2010

"I want to help Haiti"

photo from flickr stopnlook
Yesterday I was visiting one of the families in our church.  I was invited to share about my Native American background for their homeschool children.  We chit-chatted about Haiti and other things as well. Yet the most moving event occurred near the end of my visit.

Their youngest son who is in fourth grade, came up to me and gave me one $20 bill.  He said, "I overheard that our church was asking people to give to help families out in Haiti. I want to help."

I was overwhelmed and overjoyed.  God is at work among His people! I praise God for putting in this young man's heart a reflection of God's compassion for those who are hurting.  Way to go, K!

Please pray for the Haitian people AND you can give to help the relief effort by designating your gift--Haiti Relief.  We are partnering with Caribbean Vision Ministries to meet the immediate, physical and medical needs of those suffering in the aftermath of this earthquake.

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