Sunday, January 17, 2010

God Exists Visuals & Videos for Preteens

photo of Whirlpool Galaxy Black Hole image from wikimedia commons
On Sunday, January 17, I got the opportunity to teach the preteen bible class. I used the following visuals and videos to help them learn that God exists and that He has given us His Word as a map to lead us towards good in our lives.

Here are my links to my lesson from Biblical Beliefs for Kids.  I had a great time teaching the sixth grade students.
  • Ancient Hebrew Cosmology posted by Michael Paulkner. I showed how the graphic represents how the early followers of God in the OT might have pictured the world and universe, according to Paulkner.  I think it is a good visual for reference. 
  • The Awe of God by Francis Chan (3:30). I used this clip to help children visualize how big and how great God is, yet how He loves us in spite of how small we truly are in light of the expanse of the universe.  God is awesome, because He loves us even though we are so small. 
  • How Great is our God part one (7:55). Louis Giglio shares how awesome God is with a biblical worldview.
  • How Great is our God part two (9:50). Louis Giglio continues his lesson. Amazing stuff.
Thanks to Taylor Mills for sharing the names of two videos from Louis Giglio after our class.   Thanks also to Meredith Young (CM Preteen Coordinator) and Donna Yost (CM Director) for giving me the opportunity.

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