Monday, January 18, 2010

Praying for Haiti

Wooster Grace is partnering with two organizations in Haiti:
Each provide prayer requests:

CVM (from Chuck Davis, Executive Director, CVM)
  •  Pray for Pastor Elysee Joseph as he cares for our Institute Staff, pastors and students in Cap Haitian
  • Pray for his health & wisdom
  • Pray for our eight churches in our network.  Pastors have their hands full dealing with families inside and outside their congregations. Their resources were meager before the quake. Now fewer resources remain.  The city and the pastor's names are: Laboule - Pastor Herlin Celicourt; Petit Anse - Lay student pastor; Lascahobas - Daniel Cardichon (asst. supervisor of palace guard); Bainet - Germain Pierre; Monhuir - Joam Joseph; Bahon - Lay student pastor; Bardmer - Pastor Wilman; Labadee - Pastor Celicourt.
  • Pray for Dr. Eddy Bazin.  He is a pastoral friend and co-worker in the Gospel at Eglise Chretienne De Dalmas College Adelphos in Port Au Prince. Since the quake, we have had no contact.
  • Pray for our support staff in Fort Lauderdale, FL who will facilitate efforts in communicating and staying connected with what is happening in Haiti: Yolette Joseph, wife of Pastor Elysee Joseph; Dumont Cardichon & Enouch Joseph two of our pastoral leaders; and Rolanda Vantaire-Francois, a key administrative assistant

HFHF (from John Brown, Hope For Haiti Foundation representative)
  • Pray for Jean and his brother.  At this time, Jean is in Haiti with his brother. They are making their way to Port-Au-Prince. God will keep him safe. Please pray for them as they will be overwhelmed with grief. Pray for balance between heart and mind.
  • Pray that it does not rain.  All of their team is unaccounted for but the few who have contacted HFHF are safe. Survivors are safe from the initial devastation but the coming days and weeks ahead will be hard because most have no food, no water, and no shelter.
  • Pray for the pastors in Haiti.  Ask God to give them wisdom from the Holy Spirit to assure their flocks that God is there, has been there from before the beginning, and will not forsake them now.  
  • Pray for the leaders of all the countries of the world.  Ask God to influence them as they make plans and enact policies to provide help and relief in a synchronized, efficient manner.
  • Pray for a stronger, more unified, God-magnified Church in Haiti.

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