Friday, March 5, 2010

Praying at Home

Before the day gets moving, I find it helpful to pray out my back picture window.  We've rearranged how our first floor layout looks. 

So I may move a chair around or sit on the couch to look outside into the woods behind the house. I can view God's creation and picture His handiwork in action. 

I confess that I go about my day without a thought of God sometimes.  I have lots to do like everyone, but I am challenged in this prayer emphasis to pray everyday--to pick one prayer request and to ask God to do a great work through my prayers.  I wonder if we can get an update after the sixty-two days and hear how God is answering our prayers from the requests listed.

I praise God for the Bible, "Pray continually (I Thessalonians 5:17)." God wants you to pray throughout the day. So when you get one prayer request. Pause throughout your day and pray for that one prayer request when it comes to mind.  Maybe you won't be like me and remember to pray as you get ready for bed.  I wonder where you are setting aside time to pray.  Please comment where you get to pray for the Global Prayer Walk.  Or post a picture or video on the Global Prayer Walk Facebook page.  You can even check out a short video of where I start my day in prayer. 

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