Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Encourage a missionary, send an email

The Global Prayer Walk is now in Latin America. I marvel at how many ways God is moving in our world to start churches, impact communities, change families, and save people. 

There are two families of interest to me as I pray this week: Triplehorns and Silva's.Wooster Grace partners with them to equip leaders to start new churches in Brazil (3horn) and in Chile (Silva's). 

Bruce & Lisa serve in Brazil.  Recently they have transitioned from northern Brazil to the South following God's leading and seeking to utilize Bruce's gifts of teaching and equipping the saints for the work of service (Eph 4:12). 

Edson Silva is a Brazilian reaching people in Chile by starting many churches in that country and beyond.  He serves with a team of people to impact Chile. Though an earthquake has traumatized many people, God's church moves forward.

Consider this!  I find it so great that I can pray for leadership to grow when years ago Charles Yoder (Yoder Newsletter Issue 39, April 2002, pp1,5), Brethren pastor and missionary, served to start the work in South America in 1907.  At the outset Charles Yoder wanted people to come to Christ in Argentina and spent his life doing evangelism. 

Perspective on praying for South America--Ponder who this week your prayers focused on training and equipping leadership who will go out as Charles Yoder did to start new works and to build new foundations for God's ever-growing church.  Wow! You and I get to be alive to witness the answers to prayer of a growing church in South America. We are praying for the next hundred years of impact.  Amazing!

Over one hundred years ago, the work was started.  It is still growing and expanding.  May your prayers extend the chain of support and may you send an encouraging note to these men to let them know you are praying for them.  You can also request to be put on their newsletter mailing list. But send them an email to let them know you are praying for them.

Bruce Triplehorn:  3horn@gbim.org
Edson Silva: edsonsilvacl@gmail.com  (newsletter in Spanish & Portuguese)

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