Friday, April 9, 2010

Praying for Africa has changed

Pray for ICDI: The ICDI Drill Teammates have arrived safely in Bangui and are recuperating after their ordeal with the rebels in the NE of CAR. They send their greetings and appreciation for everyone's prayers. (L to R: Wilfried Ouilibona, Alexis Wadembala, Kevin Moko, Bruno Robembe, Nicolas Kenam, Jean Didier Dobe, Alain Yongote (sq...uatting). Negotiations continue for the vehicles and property that were seized by the rebels (from FB post Fri April 9)~
In my short time on earth, I realize a few things have changed.  One as it relates to prayer is how prayer requests have changed.

When the work started in Central Africa with James Gribble it was for Central Africans to come to Christ through others coming to Central Africa.  As things progressed, prayer was requested for Central Africans to grow in Christ, and develop more leaders for more churches.  Now, we are praying for Central Africans who are doing the work of ministry for their own people.  Amazing!

Though the road to serving others is hard and even dangerous, I praise the Lord for the content of my prayers.  I am alive when the vision of James Gribble has gone farther than his expectations. In the book, Stranger Than Fiction,
"In 1915, in Chicago there had been hanging on the wall of the Gribbles' room a map of Africa.  Ofttimes Mr. Gribble would stand in front of it and pint with his pencil to one place--Bozoum! 'This will be our one objective in Africa...the region which we are called to evangelize. It is to this point we, when we are permitted to do so, that we will make our establish our first station (133)." 
James Gribble wanted to establish the first church in Oubangui-Chari at Bozoum. "'We will yet be permitted,' he would often say to his wife, 'to preach the Gospel at Bozoum. The Lord will work the miracle (133).'"

God truly has worked a miracle!  Today there are 2,400 Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. Four Bible Institutes in Bata, Bossangoa, Batangafo, and Mbaiki.  A School of Theology offers more training and is now in Bangui.

In Chad, there are four more Bible Institutes and 260 FGBC churches. In the Cameroon, there are 49 FGBC churches.

As I ask for prayer for Central Africans ministering to their own people with ICDI or studying as a seminary student, I praise God that I am alive today to witness to the glory of God! May God truly be glorified for building His Church as He said He would (Matthew 16:18).

Keep praying for God to work in His world to establish His Church.  I wonder what has struck you as you travel on this Global Prayer Walk.  Comment here or on the FB event.  Be a fan of a great man: James Gribble.

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