Monday, April 26, 2010

WeShare: Open Hand 2 Give

photo from zenobia_joy
You might be like me. As I begin this weSHARE journey, to give up something in order to give something to God, I can easily succumb to duty over devotion.

My struggle is more with duty. I "have-to" versus I "want-to." I wonder if your challenge is the same.

You can easily give up anything without too much discomfort. But I have a hard time giving up anything. I find that my hands are clenched. Unlike the picture at the beginning of this post. 

Our contemporary worship leader, Pastor Matt Carter, wrote a great song on the disc As We Wait, entitled "Teach me to give."  The most convicting lyrics come at the beginning of the chorus, "Teach me to give just as I've received Unclench my firsts and empty my pockets Not even this life is mine to keep."  I need to be retaught how to give by rehearsing what God has already given me.

Another song that came to my mind and out of my lips is a chorus that I learned years ago, "Freely, freely (God forgave my sin)" The words challenge me as if Jesus were talking, "Freely, freely you have received, Freely, freely give."  Jesus said this in Matthew 10:7-9.  Take the message and freely give. 

It's about attitude.  As I engage this WeShare journey, I need to recalibrate my attitude. Just as our missionary partners are willing to go. They need you and I to share the load with them.

I need an attitude adjustment.  I need realignment.  I need to get ready to share.  To share is part of a believing community's DNA (Acts 2:42ff).  What do you need to give up to share with those in need?  What will I give up to share with those in need?  I wonder if you struggle with the same things that I do.  Please leave a comment, or a song that challenges you, or even another Scripture reference that moves you forward. I'd love to hear from you.

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