Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet Rainer Ehmann

photo courtesy of GBIM
It was my privilege to interview briefly in our New Community service, Rainer Ehmann.  He is a potential new missionary partner for our church.

He would be the fourth Charis associate that we partner with around the world.  A Charis Associate is a national church leader that seeks to impact their own people or cultures so that the Great Commission starts anew with them.  We have national missionary partners in Chile, Chad, and even here in the USA (Hispanic & Native American).

We praise the Lord for the privilege to partner with these families.  We pray that we can add the Ehmann's to our international ministry team.

I asked Rainer the following questions tonight (answers are in italics):
What is your full name and tell us the names of your family? 
Rainer Theodore Ehmann, his wife Susanne, adult son Johannes, married daughter Frederica Weaver, and young adult Caroline.

Where did you grow up? 
Stuttgart, Germany

As a little boy, what did you dream you wanted to become as an adult?
An excavator or earth-mover operator.

What is your present ministry in Germany? Three-fold: Equipping workers or interns (a PA couple is coming as interns soon), Motorcycle Club contacting ministry, Handicap Center Ministry

How can we best pray for you?
Ask God to help the Stuttgart Church to be like Wooster Grace in developing all people into fully devoted followers of Christ, for interns to become teammates, and to maximize opportunities with motorcycle club.

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