Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What do you give towards?

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I don't know about you.. But my struggle compounds when I begin considering what I am going to give towards. Out of the many things to give towards, which one is the best for my gift?

In addition, I struggle with the amount to give up. How much do I want to give? How much am I willing to give up? What am I giving towards?

I can tend to gather a plethora of questions, offer excuses, and end up doing nothing. I can procrastinate. I can rationalize. I can lie. But this time, for this one month, I want to have an open hand and give something up to give.

You may not be like me. But if you are, then you need some direction.

I offer the following: Before you define your goal, write it down, make it S.M.A.R.T. or follow the 3 W’s, and secure accountability, I ask that you pray.

First, ask God to give you insight into WHY you are going to join the fast. Make time to be quiet and contemplate what He prompts. Write down what He prompts and pray over it. He may prompt you to do less than the $3 per day goal. Or He may want you to just start and learn to grow towards greater things for the future.

But the bottom line is, be quiet in prayer.  Jot down what comes to mind.

Read James 1:5-8

In fact, memorize it. Then when God clarifies what He wants you to do then proceed with the goal. Clarify that this fast is one where we give up something to focus on what God wants. Not just another thing to do out of duty, but one thing to engage with devotion to God.

Well, that’s what I am going to do. I go to my prayer closet to get direction. I think you should too. I wonder where your “prayer closet” is. Mine is a notebook, a journal for recording God’s promptings or reviewing what God is teaching me. I will post on what God prompts. I want to ask God for three things: why am I seeking to do this? What am I going to give towards? How much can I give up to give towards that goal?

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