Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Preparing a talk for Young Adults, Singles,

I get to share at Four14 tomorrow night. I chose for my topic, "Who is Jesus and what difference does it make?" Lately, I have had trouble focusing the topic. I taught the lesson for Internationals as "Portraits of Jesus: Seeing Jesus in Four Pictures from the Gospels." 

But now I need to fashion a talk so that everyone who hears the talk will know that knowing who Jesus is doesn't clarify what you do or don't do, but crystallizes who you are.  I want all who hear my talk to have a different orientation.  I need them to hear, "Orient yourself NOT to what you do or don't do for Christ; but in who you are in Christ!"

In my own journey in the Lord, I need to continually rehearse who I am. As a pastor it's so easy to forget who I am and obsess over what I do or don't get done. It's more difficult to be.

Thus, knowing who you are in Christ makes all the difference in your faith journey.  I know that it makes a great difference in mine.  So, as I work on the talk I need insight from you.

I wonder if you find it just as challenging to live in light of who you are in Christ rather than fixate on what you do for Christ.  Share your thoughts tonight. I may use representative comments in my talk tomorrow night.

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Connie said...

I just love that you're talking to singles (mostly, I gather)--and *not* ABOUT singleness! Might I just say, thank you.