Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Being Fully-Devoted in Wooster: Free meals & Box of food in the car

Last week, I learned a couple of things about what is available in Wooster when you come across those in need.  There are free meals available in our community. I praise God for the ministries listed below. Wooster Grace does not offer what they do.  Way to go churches of Wooster!

So, if you cross paths with someone who needs a meal. Please recall this list and send them to a place where a free meal awaits.  Share this resource with others.  

Free Meals Wooster:
One of our Sowing Hope Coordinators,Connie Benchoff, also alerted me to the be prepared task of putting in your vehicle a bag or box of canned goods to give to someone in need.  It may happen spontaneously.  But having food to give away may be the best thing you can do for others in need.  I am so glad for a community of churches who care for others. I wonder what you'd suggest to include in a box of canned goods. 

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