Friday, December 17, 2010

My Aunt, Honored Saint

photo from Argenberg Flickr Creative Commons Licencse I received news last night that my aunt Edith has congestive heart failure. She is also battling other health issues.

I am sad.

My aunt was the first in my whole extended family to come to Christ. She was the first to commit her life to Jesus. In my lifetime I have watched God bring many of our relatives to Himself. I count it a joy to rehearse this amazing movement of God in our family's life.

Her request is to go home to Jesus. I feel conflicted but as I talked to my uncle Howard. He rehearsed with me her wishes and his perspective.

He is the oldest, revered person in my life on earth. As a Navajo I honor my elders. His life and words now carry more weight. So when he shared how he feels conflicted too. I praise God for his transparency and realism.

He reminded me to pray for God's will to be done. Diyin God bi'iiniziinii

I value his words. May God be praised as He unfolds His will. May the Lord bring her quickly into His presence where they will be no more pain, no more hurt, only joy everlasting.  Lord, your will be done. Amen.

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