Thursday, October 20, 2011

Be a person of significance--Links from last Sunday's message

From 4RB on Flickr
A couple of links as a follow-up from this past Sunday's message:
  • From Relevant Magazine by Stephanie S. Smith, article, "Attention Hungry Faith: We all want to be influential—but why? The tension between building a platform & building a Kingdom:, discussing significance in the digital world. I agree with her statement, "We need people who are able to articulate life-giving truth with elegance and clarity." We don't need buzz makers and blog stat multipliers.
  • From Tim Elmore's blog he presents a Chick-Fill-A leaders cast, a video discussing influence with John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, and Suzy Welch (28 min video on Vimeo). Many take-aways here.
  • From Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford University, cited in sermon.  YouTube video (15 min) Find transcript here.
Lead with your life. Lead by example. You influence those around you. Influence all to become more fully devoted followers of Christ.

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