Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am Red-Running-Into-The-Water

My heritage is Dineh. I am Tachii'nii;  born for Kiyaa'aanii; Hooghan lani are my maternal grandparents; Todich'ii'nii are my paternal grandparents.

I am so proud of the fact that the first tribal college is the Dineh College in Tsailie, AZ. I thank Indian Country News Network for highlighting Dineh College during National Native American Heritage Month.

Last night I spent time with my children rehearsing their ancestry. I need to engage them more and to tell stories about their roots--roots they can draw upon to bear much fruit in this world for good, for helping, for the honor of the Infinite, Creator God.

Possible place of my clan, "Red running into the Rocks"
Photo: Thanks to mcaretaker from Flickr photostream


Connie said...

Daron, this is so cool. Never knew your Navajo name. What does Red-Running-Into-The-Water mean, exactly? :)

Pastor Daron said...

Thanks Connie. As far as I know, Taachiinii is a place name connecting my clan to the homeland of the Dineh or Navajos. If you see the red clay landscapes of the land of the Dineh, then you would see what I mean. I will try to add a picture of the landscape.

Connie said...

Beautiful pic! I LOVE red rock canyons. :) Thanks, Daron.