Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chinese couple to share life-change in Christ in Hawaii

From China to the USA to fully devoted followers of Christ
Wei & Cheng

This Sunday, April 28, Cheng & Wei leave Wooster Ohio for Honolulu, Hawaii after ten years in Wooster. Both came to Christ in our church and got baptized. Cheng & Wei depart for a job placement. We will miss them but are so thrilled for their new adventure. They have already contacted a Chinese Christ-centered Church in Hawaii. 

The Internationals Adult Bible Fellowship commissioned them with prayer to develop more fully devoted followers of Christ in Hawaii and all around the world. When the weather is frigid in January, one might want to contact them for a visit. 

We praise God for their spiritual journey in Christ. We thank the Lord for sharing their life-change with us. May each of us seek to be more fully devoted to Christ. Please pray for Cheng & Wei this week as they go to make more disciples in Hawaii.

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