Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sowing seeds of the Gospel in Stuttgart, Germany

Rainer & Susanne Ehmann
Rainer & Susanne EhmannWooster Grace formally initiated our partnership with Rainer & Susanne Ehmann in June 2010. Rainer and Susanne Ehmann were born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. Both found the Lord during their early youth. Rainer & Susanne live in Stuttgart, GERMANY. They serve the Grace Brethren Church in Stuttgart. Rainer also serves on the Charis Leadership Team for GBIM.  

God drew the Ehmanns further and further from pastoral responsibilities and ministries to pursue a more and more evangelistic lifestyle. Susanne meets with ladies she got to know over the years, and Rainer started his own motorcycle club. "People who don't know Jesus won't come to a church; the church must go to them." Rainer & Susanne work now in contact making and church development in the Stuttgart area.

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Rutt
"Germany is a very secular country," say the Ehmanns. "It is not true that people here have heard the good news of new life in Jesus Christ. Yes, the Reformation took place in Germany, but that was centuries ago. Now rule the gods of materialism, pleasure and success. It is the goal and desire of the Stuttgart team to confront people with a life that mirrors the living God in order to show them that even in this day and age, there is a God who loves people and who wants to save them."

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Prayer Requests:
  • Physical & Emotional Needs: Ask the Lord to help Rainer & Susanne maintain good health.  Please pray that God keep them from discouragement, loneliness, and depression. Ask God for healthy diet, consistent sleep, and adequate rest.
  • Demanding schedule: Ask the Lord to give them safety, stamina, and a sense of purpose.  Pray for their travels around Germany and throughout Europe.
  • Financial support: Ask God to provide for Rainer & Susanne even though support commitments are falling short. Pray for 2 new churches and 10 individuals to become their support partners by the end of the year. 
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