Saturday, October 11, 2014

Betoney Transitions: Reaching Native Americans in the cities and on the reservation

This month I received an update from Arnold & Bessie Betoney serving with Native New Life Church in the Southwest USA helping Native American churches grow.  Grace Church partners with the Betoney's to assist in developing leaders among Native American church planters.   

The Betoney's are making a transition from the city (Albuquerque, NM) back to the reservation (Red Lake, AZ). The purpose of Native New Life Church is to develop more followers of Jesus Christ and to nurture young Navajo church leaders.  This move offers them more direct availability to the numerous emerging young Native American pastors leading churches in Arizona and New Mexico.  

Elephants Feet Rock Formation near Red Lake, AZ
In addition, Arnold leverages his training in counseling to help guide Native Americans and other people to choose Christ as they struggle to recover from substance abuse. Pastor Arnold teaches counseling classes and leads a 90-day program at the Christian Discipleship Center in Cortez, CO.  

Would you please pray with them right now? Offer a short prayer for one of their requests. 

Please pray for the Betoney's:
  • Ask God to help their transition from Albuquerque to Red Lake.
  • Ask  the Holy Spirit to facilitate the healing from substance abuse experienced by Native Americans and their families
  • Ask the Lord to give great health to the Betoney family
  • Ask God to encourage Arnold & Bessie as they develop fully devoted followers of Christ.

If you'd like more information about praying or giving, then please contact Arrnold Betoney via email at to receive their updates.   

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