Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pray for college students to engage truth tonight

Today, Tuesday, October 28th, The Veritas Forum is coming to Indiana University. Mark & Roxanne Johnson serve as Cru staff on the campus in Bloomington, IN. Grace Church supports their work as they seek to develop fully devoted followers of Christ on the IU Campus.

Mark challenges you to pray. "This has been a 10 month project in partnership with multiple church and student organizations.  Dr Troy Van Voorhis of MIT will discuss with Dr Colin Allen from IU the question, "Is Faith in God Reasonable?"  The event will be moderated by IU Philosophy professor Dr. Tim O'Connor.

Our hope is to 
1.    Create a real buzz on campus around the question of God and faith.
2.    Fill the 3,154 seat IU Auditorium
3.    Follow up with every individual seeking to explore faith in God.
4.    Extend the gospel to all willing to hear.
This event is open to the public.  Doors open at 7:30pm.
You can view this event live online at www.broadcast.iu.edu

Please join us in lifting this event in prayer!

Praise God for raising all the funds needed for this event.
Praise God for the interactions students have had already on campus this past week at multiple interactive stations asking students questions about God and faith.

Pray for today's final day of publicity and proxe stations across campus.  Pray also the weather cooperates and to fill the IU Auditorium.  Pray for boldness for students and faculty to come and invite their Christian and non-Christian friends."

Please pause 60-seconds to pray for this outreach tonight. Someone is coming to Christ today!  After you pray, share this event from Mark's Facebook page.

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